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1.A member of society, who persists to rape every one and everything for all its worth

2.A member of a group of friends who is always expected to leech of every other member of said group

3. A particularly dirty person i.e tramp or big issue vendor

See German "Schklamm"
"Buy your own pint you ****in Skleege"

"have you been at my cheese again you skleege?"

"Gordon Brown has taxed all my income that fat F***in Skleege"

"Who Skleeged all my salt"

"Once again alan has eaten all the what,not butter that skleegin son bitch"
by Robin Pierce March 04, 2008
an extreme hangover which makes you feel like your stomach is infact dancing a merry jig and trying to escape from your mouth and/or chest much like in aliens.

"ahhhhh man i feel like ass i cant hack this car ride meet me at cats in need"

"I feel so fuckin cats in need somebody get me a resolve"

"ahhhhhhhh i felt so cats in need last nite had to go vomit till the early hours"
by Robin Pierce April 06, 2008

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