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An incredibly pompous tool bag who thinks he is Gods gift to earth. Can only think for himself when it includes hurting other people, destroying public property or being a general pain in the ass to everyone around him. DOES NOT LIVE IN WEST CHESTER. And because of his general lack of respect for public authority and his complete lack of common sense has been literally kicked out of not one but TWO townships and now resides in Popcopson PA, 15 MINUTES outside of West Chester. Cant hold a job, cant rent a hotel room, cant rent cars, and is generally regarded as a pain in everyone's ass and one to avoid completely.But I may be a little bit biased considering he has VOMITED ON MY SHOES!
robin:wtf why is that bam? why is he driving his fucking lame-ass lambo down gay street?? it's a ONE WAY ROAD that's like 100 years old that hasn't been paved since ironhill was woolworths. jesus christ, get a life!

Lizz: I don't care that he's going down Gay St. in his lambo I care that he's going down Gay St. in his lambo THE WRONG WAY!!!!!

Robin: what a REJECT! get out of our town, Bam Margera!
by Robin & Lizz October 13, 2008
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