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A derogatory term for the W.C. or toilet after a particularly smelly turd has been deposited.
Oh man, what have you eaten? That cess pit is nasty.
by Robin March 15, 2005
If someone has the sirname impett then call them gimpett and soon enough everyone will be calling him/her gimpett
Hey gimpett you ginger prick where's my fucking money?
by Robin January 03, 2005
#1.A girl on dead journal who stalks Random questions looking for unsuspecting male victims who she then ambushes and makes them her bitch.She then ties them to her bed and uses them as her personal living sex toy.She feeds them crackers to keep their strength up.

#2.Captain Jack Sparrows girl friend.
#1.Omgz,omgz,it is notyourbitch,run for your life's boys.

#2.OMGZ,i wantz toz plaza wit Ur cockz,yum,yum.

#3.Polly want a cracker.
by Robin November 06, 2004
The act of imagining choking the hell out of someone you despise. An expression of frustration at someone who just royally pissed you off.
That asshole just cut me off! Choke hold!!!
by Robin January 06, 2004
Fat guy that was defeated by BatMan in the late 1950s.
Jimminy Wilikers! It's Penguin!
by Robin October 24, 2003
Kwamit originated in the USA 16th century when a young man named Henry Seedcave mis-pronounced the name Kermit. He was laughed at, and people from then on went on to call him Kwamit. You could say
"oh, he's gone and done a Kwamit!" or
"look at that Kwamit CUNT!"
or "haha what a Kwamit"
by Robin January 05, 2005
A bathroom frequently used by your older brother.
Dude, I gotta make a delivery in the birthing suite.
by robin November 17, 2004
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