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a man who has a farm just so he can eat all his animals shit
you sir are a shit farmer!
by Robin February 06, 2005
The word "Hamjoobley" was originally a Native American term for Ugly - their God of Ugliness. They used to use it as an insult toward enemies. Nowadays it is used when describing faeces -
eg. "I have to go drop a Hamjoobley"
or "You are one retarded Hamjoobley"
by Robin January 05, 2005
A wanker a person who can't get any who is also ugly
Do you know what you are dave? i'll tell you what you are, YOU ARE A WANKFACE
by Robin January 03, 2005
used to decribe coming to a halt, or screeching to a stop

also used to decribe crytal meth
When you ran that light it was like, "skert!", then you stopped.

Let's go get some skert.
by Robin April 22, 2004
or Gypo

Dirty low life with no consideration for others.

On their own are friendly but in group pretend not to know you.

Are cowards who only fight in gangs.

Cover up the smell of their unwashed bodies with gallons of cheap deoderant.

Often interbread, not uncommon for a pikey to have a mother who is also older sister. Incest is the norm as is underage sex. Riddled with sexualy transmitted disease. DO NOT HAVE SEXUAL CONTACT WITH A PIKEY.

Very low IQ, uasually takes untill at least age 20 before they can speak an understandable word. Responsible for about 85% of crime in rural areas.

Tony Martin shot two Pikeys, one dead. Interesting that by far the majority of decent people back him.
F*****k - C**t
by Robin January 22, 2004
A hole in the crotch of a pair of your favorite warn out jeans. Also can be referred to the action of accidentally ripping a hole in the crotch of your jeans.
You better wear some fancy boxers today, these jeans have crotch blow.
by Robin January 05, 2004
Sweet Mexican Tv-show Hero

Also see: Super Mexicanien Lugebrothaz
watch season 1 yo self @ nickelodeon 8 pm every saturay
by Robin December 10, 2003
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