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past tense, a young boy who has been abused.
poor lad, he was kevd you know.
by Robin October 13, 2003
something so good that it makes you want to put on a turban
Fuck me! That goal was turban tastic *puts on a turban*
by Robin February 06, 2005
Used mainly in SMS messages typed using predictived text, in which cunt is derived into "cumu"
He was a right filthy cumu!

I love your shaved cumu

Waiter! Waiter! Bring me a steaming fresh side order of cumu to accompany this thalidomide wife!
by Robin December 17, 2004
One who can light things on fire by thought or psychic ability.
A frown crossed her face as the man before her burst into flames.

The man had to be isolated in a water based prison due to his pyrokenetic power.
by Robin March 23, 2003
1) a bar for gay people

2) a gay person
Let's go to the gay bar you fat gaybar
by Robin January 03, 2005
A term used to describe a person who makes a lot of mistakes. A clumsy person. Also can refer to a feline that is so fat it cannot lick it's own ass.
Quit bumping into me you butt lick!


Damn that's a huge cat. What a poor little butt lick.
by Robin January 06, 2004
Habbo hotel is for little gay little 10 year olds with no friends to pretend they have a social life with their pretend little person
Habbo: Will you be my friend
Habbo1: Ok then
Habbo: My name is gertrude, my favourite sport is cricket and my favourite thing in the whole wide world is habbo hotel!
Habbo1: ME TOO!
by Robin January 03, 2005

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