84 definitions by Robin

crazy haired guy called matt george
mg please refrain from sucking my penis
by Robin January 03, 2005
Skanky ass ho who pisses outta her ass because her pussy is filled up with dick and sigarettes
Guy (to girl): Hey, ever hhad Wheezin' Bitslacks?

Girl: No, I only get raped analy
by Robin December 10, 2003
afro or afro-shaped object
dude. check out his pob!
by Robin February 11, 2005
A plea to all you half wit frog bashers to save my poodle on christmas day from his usual kiddy fondling antics around the christmas tree of yorkshire pudding.
Robin: Where's your head at? WHERE'S YOUR HEAD AT?
MG: I am the only gay in the village
Rover: save me
by Robin February 06, 2005
a major league pitcher from Korea who's right handed.
now he's in Boston Red Sox
it also stands for
Bonds killer (Bonds is hitless against Kim)
Bambino killer
Bronx Killer
Bone to be K (He strikes alot)
Hey there goes BK!!
He stikes out Bonds yesterday.
by robin December 01, 2003
shoes that are brown

fucking sweet!

(mrs yankee fucking wore)
wow those shoes are fucking sweet
by robin November 29, 2003
someone who uses their breast to run a farm
john: how did you grow that so big?
hannah: used me tits
greg: you are a tit farmer
by Robin March 10, 2005
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