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Noun: Female sweat or persperation
"Man, I always work up a sweat when I run. But my girl just glistens"

"Yo, check out the glisten on that chick..."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004
Verb: To insert one's balls into a women's rectum and then the penis into the vagina, and then just sit there.

derived from a story, not based on an actual person
"Damn my ass hurts"
"Shouldn't have let your man give you a lazy-earl."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004
Noun: Not quite pants, not quite shorts, only for men, only is beige.
Noun: The type of laughter that is silent then turns into a series of grunts.

This originated in Minneapolis, a group of kids wore the same set of shorts/pants everyday, and always made this kid laugh the same kind of way. Thus, his laugh matched the sound "Chortle" and "Chortle" acurately described the pant/shorts.
1. "Yo skinny man, you better put some sunblock on your lower calves if you plan on wearing those chortles."

2."Mutherfucker, don't chortle when I'm talking to you, this is serious."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004
Verb: The act of throwing trash out of a car window.

Now folks, this isn't racist, you'll soon see why.

Originating from a Minneapolis magazine entitled "Life Sucks Die," circa 1995. An article was published urging people to litter. One of it's arguments for littering was that the roads were built on the backs of slaves an indegenous peoples by oppressers. Thus, litering defies the oppressor and gives a little bit of justice to those slaves. The one cited was Harriet Tubman. Adapted to mean throwing trash out of a car window. Now in known use by over 1000 childreen in Minnesota.
1."Yo, don't Harriet Tubman right now, there's a cop behind us."
2."Last night I Harriet Tubman'd my milkshake by accident."
by Roberto Joolez November 07, 2004
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