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A funny and mildly sarcastic Warner Brothers cartoon that was cancelled after;

1) the producers found out that the furry fandom was (a) using the cartoon as masturbation material, in addition to (b) posting disturbing and disgusting porn pics/fanfics of Babs Bunny, Minerva Mink, and Fefe LaFume all over the Internet. For an example, type "Eric TDK Schwartz" on any Internet search engine.

2) the producers, animators, and voice-actors were being (a) stalked by and (b) receiving harassing letters from pedophile psychos on a daily basis. A well known example of such a psycho is Dennis "Quozl" Falk, who repeatedly stalked the lady who provided the voice for Babs Bunny.

3) the producers checked out the Tiny Toons "fansites", and were horrified by what they saw.
Thanks to those goddamn furries, the Tiny Toon Adventure cartoon is no more.
by Roberto Clave August 17, 2004

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