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When one is deeply connected with an expectation, and then another party involved maliciously harms every aspect of the individuals feelings attached with the matter at hand. For the individual, this results in a complete disappointment and at this time the individual is forced to the edge of an emotional breakdown, in which suicide and/or homicide is at least briefly contemplated.
Ernesto went with his classmates to In N Out burger and felt compassionately about the female taking his order. His classmates proceded to convince Ernesto that this female was checking him out in an interested manner. Ernesto, whom is unprepared for this, is feeling extremely excited over the matter. With encouraged intentions, he builds up the confidence to open his heart and speak to the female romantically. However; to his heart breaking surprise, he is dramatically turned down and disrespected by the female, whom at this point has no regards for his feelings or more so, his existence. Ernesto's classmates set him up in an emotional sabotage.
by RobertNewton March 06, 2012

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