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2 definitions by RobertAllenZimmerman

A band from Providence, Rhode Island. Sort of a bluesy indie folk rock band, Deer Tick is most recognized for the gritty voice of frontman John McCauley. Some of their songs include Baltimore Blues No. 1, Ashamed, These Old Shoes, Dirty Dishes, Smith Hill, etc. Perform mostly songs written by McCauley but have been know to cover many different songs , especially in concert.
Person 1- Hey man did you see the Deer Tick concert at Lupo's?
Person 2- Yeah it was one of the best shows ive been to! they randomnly broke into Twist and Shout and La Bamba!
by RobertAllenZimmerman August 30, 2010
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adjective used when just calling a situation bullshit is inadequate
Teacher: by the way you have a 12 page paper due online by midnight
Student: This is bullshit and a half!
by RobertAllenZimmerman December 01, 2010
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