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When a girl with a substantial vaginal bush masturbates with hightened furiosity.
Although she accused her boyfriend of wanking too much, she herself was addicted to beaver smudging.
by Robert. C. Blache May 01, 2008
A girl who will masturbate at any and every given opportunity, often engaging in beaver smudging.
She was a serious fingeringbert humpledink.
by Robert. C. Blache May 01, 2008
The strange habit of girls going to the toilet together. Either to fix their make-up, take a dump or satisfy their uncontrollable hornyness by joshing.
While the gentleman indulged in polite conversation the ladies went for a wondle.
by Robert. C. Blache May 01, 2008
The practice of a girl furiously masturbating while she and others have gone for a wondle
While the others girls fixed their make-up she engaged in some rapid joshing – better known as beaver smudging
by Robert. C. Blache May 01, 2008
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