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A person who is half Chinese and half Mexican. Thus, they are Chexican
Danny is such a douche what a Chexican bastard
by Robert Williamson April 15, 2005
a person who constantly whips out a cell phone to check if someone has called them

This act takes place at least once every 5 minutes

Also a person who takes out a cell phone to repeatedly open and close it in an annoying manner
Almost every male in our school is a cell-phone fuck. Always checking to see if some skank has called them
by Robert Williamson February 18, 2006
1) The product of the Cleveland Steamer

2) Shit smeared all over a girls tits for no apparent reason whatsoever
1) After giving Leslie the Cleveland Steamer she craved so much, she had shit tits

2) While Tits McGee was sleeping I shit all over her tits and smeared it in giving her shit tits
by Robert Williamson April 20, 2005
1) A SweetTart that has been rubbed on the genitalia of two men and then was eaten by another man

2) Rye Mathers is the official DickTart
1) When Rye ate that DickTart it was the funniest thing I have ever seen

2) Because Rye Mathers ate that SweetTart rubbed on mine and Will's genitals he is the Official DickTart
by Robert Williamson April 26, 2005
A guy who lives in Waverly, New York.
A man wearing a hooded sweatshirt tightly drawn around the face so that his face appears to resemble that of an anus
AnusFaceFred became exceedingly excited when his son, little AnusFaceNed, scored a goal!
by Robert Williamson April 15, 2005
usually means 'for sure my African American brother'
Black dude: "Lets go grab some dinner"
White dude: "Fashegro my negro"
Black dude: "Fucking Nabisco Cracker"
White dude: "I love you"
Black dude: "I'm gonna rape you, prison style"
by Robert Williamson April 16, 2005
Someone who walks around like they are better then anyone else
Kaylyn walks around like she's the tits. she won't even look at me anymore.
by Robert Williamson April 20, 2005

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