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One that posts endless pictures of themselves on the internet for people to see. The most severe cases keep posting new pictures just like the ones they posted the day before, and the day before that, and so on.

Also, many of them are hot. (see Carrie Ann Brown)
Nice cleavage, cam whore.

ps- youarehot!
by Robert Turner February 13, 2003
(slang) One who is master of all things ass-related.
My boss is being such an ass master today!
by Robert Turner January 29, 2003
Please Die Thanks. A conversation ender, used when you want the other person in the conversation to die.

Note, mainly for use in online communication to get the desired effect.
chatwh0re: Thats OK, your Mom's a whore, anyways!
ch4twh0re2: plzdiethx.
**ch4twh0re2 has logged out**
by Robert Turner January 29, 2003
Having a cooter that is especially hairy, much like that of a Sasquatch.
I need to shave my squatchie, look at this thing!
by Robert Turner January 29, 2003
One that has qualities not unlike a penis. And not in a good way, either!
Man, why is Jimmy acting like such a DACK today?
by Robert Turner January 29, 2003

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