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The stiffie a man gets when talking about a boring topic that only excites him.
Also the boner a man gets while discussing his male mentor.
Could refer to someone talking about their experiences on the USS Stockham.
"Talking about the human visual model gave the professor a stockham stiffie."

"As the man recounted his early years of training with his famous mentor, he got a stockham stiffie."

"As the sailor talked about his experience on the USS Stockham, he got so excited he developed a stockham stiffie."
by Robert Trebor September 24, 2007
A man who likes to give it to people in the rear (i.e. in their budge). Also can mean a man who is a real bastardly douche-bag, and who screws people over all the time. (i.e. synonymous with fudgepacker). Budgepackers frequently seb.
"I just finished the test, and it was really unfair. That professor is a budgepacker."
"I did a guy a big favor, and he turned around and shafted me. He is a real budgepacker."
I walked in on a budgepacker seb-ing another guy."
"You are giving me a stockham stiffie, you budgepacker."
by Robert Trebor September 24, 2007

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