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Noun for the supposed longing for the pleasurable sensation of anal sex by young human males which is held in Freudian psychoanalytic theory to lead to feelings of superiority and overcompmensation in matters of rectally savaging the so-called fairer sex.
"Dude, I'd like to put the hog in her tight little asshole one time for fucking real. Talk about your anal envy; I'd pound that rectum 'til it bleeds."
by Robert T. Nash May 10, 2004
Vulgar euphemism for female masturbation.
"I took a long hot bath and tapped the trout last night."
by Robert T. Nash May 07, 2004
Sex act perpetrated upon a person involving multiple acts of sodomy upon the mout and anus by one or more sodomites.
"Man, me and Biff took that drunk slut into the alley and gave her the full compound sodomy treatment."
by Robert T. Nash May 07, 2004
Extreme experience or outlook characterized by marked devotion and uncompromising veracity. Used sincerely and derisively.
"Man, that punk rock show last night was superhardcore."
by Robert T. Nash May 07, 2004

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