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The act of defecating in the back tank of a toilet. The result is that whenever there is a flush, the bowl fills with tainted water.
Before I moved out, I top tanked the toilet in the master bedroom.
by Robert Smith August 06, 2004
A spongemike is used in African cultures to bathe eachother during a special ceremony. The spongemike is a thick cloth used to the bathing. Each member of the tribe ejaculates into the spongemike to bathe their children with. It is said that this process will increace the life of the child and promote good fortune.
We will ejaculate into the spongemike to bathe our children.
by Robert Smith January 29, 2005
When someone is hyperactive, uncontrollable and ginger

That boy dancing on the table is doing a gleiwitz
by Robert Smith November 05, 2003
when you are having way too much fun typing and way too horny to realize that you spelled honry wrong. oh and you also want a nice boob fucking w/ extra mustard and maybe a tad bit of mayo.
lindsey and lexy are a little honry hotdog right now!
by Robert Smith June 18, 2006
A descriptive term meaning empty
the club was but naked
by robert smith May 20, 2004
A gay hollywood hobo who really sucks ass
Good luck in Hollywood, don't become a Rex
by Robert Smith October 24, 2003
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