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A person of ambiguous ethnicity who looks vaguely Asian.
I'm not sure what Olivia Munn's racial make-up is. She looks "Vasian."
by Robert Sacamano September 27, 2012
When you are attempting to urinate and a fart comes out.
While standing at the urinal Jared had a "finkle" which made the other patrons in the restroom laugh.
by Robert Sacamano September 26, 2013
A sexual act where a man (or woman) engages in fisting with their partner while wearing a wrist-watch.
Steve lost his Rolex inside of Diane while performing a Big Ben on her.
by Robert Sacamano September 28, 2012
When someone has sex with a mentally challenged person, largely out of pity or mercy.
Anna: I can't believe Becky had sex with a guy from the special ed class.

Carla: I know. That was a total "Forrest Hump."
by Robert Sacamano October 11, 2013
When a men's bathroom stall in a high traffic restroom is assigned for shitting only.
In order to prevent patrons from urinating on the toilet seat, we are making the first stall in our men's room a 'designated shitter.'
by Robert Sacamano November 17, 2014
An ESP like sixth sense where one is able to accurately determine if a dirty, lazy, poorly dressed individual is either a hipster or a transient.
Through "transience," Laura was able to determine that the disheveled gentleman in line at the coffee shop was in fact just a hipster, not a transient.
by Robert Sacamano November 06, 2013
When the previously cute child cast members of a television sitcom begin to go through puberty, thus robbing them of many of the traits that made them appealing in the first place.

The definitive example is when Jerry Mathers on the 1950s sitcom "Leave it to Beaver" went from adorable child to awkward, gangly teenager over the course of several seasons.
On the current (fifth) season of "Modern Family" the actor who plays Luke is going through puberty. His voice is changing and he's gotten to be really odd looking. Meanwhile, the breasts of the actress playing his middle sister have grown at an alarming rate. It's gotten difficult to buy her as a high school student. They used to both be such cute kids. The show is clearly suffering from "Leave it to Beaver Syndrome."
by Robert Sacamano October 16, 2013

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