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to have sex with an asian girl
Dude, I took this totally hot asian chick home last night and scored some fortune cookie nookie!
#sex #nookie #fortune cookie #cookie #asian
by Robert Richards September 30, 2007
when a guy offers a chick some of his weed and smokes up with her with the intention of getting her high and lowering her inhibitions so he can score with her after.

when a chick that loves to smoke weed, but never has any of her own, comes on to guys with weed and usually has sex with them so they'll share their smoke with her. similar to a coke whore, except with weed.
I saw Cindy smokin' up with Josh last night at the party.

Yeah I heard he nailed her in the backseat of his car right after the clam bake.
#coke whore #clam #bake #weed #marijuana
by Robert Richards September 30, 2007
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