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its a addition to the word shit,
when something sucks worse than shit.
ya know what, im sick and tired of your mickey mouse bullshit.
What kind of mickey mouse bullshit is this?
by Robert Parker December 24, 2003
A vagina or brown eye aka an ASS.
Dude i put my dick in her sausage pocket.
by Robert Parker January 02, 2004
jerk offs that think they are from southern california and they think they can have the shag haircut and talk like this
"hey bro, whats up with the waves?" these kids also sag their pants and wear assorted polos and they go to malls to pick up chicks like queers would.
dude, do you see those tsunami kids over there jerking each other off in hopes that a female will come over and vomit on them
by Robert Parker November 14, 2005
a womans asshole
your mom got my fleshmusket in her brown eye
by Robert Parker January 04, 2004
something that is not cool at all, can also be used in a combo sentence with the word lameburger
Man, that movie was fucking weaksauce.
dude, that game is lameburgers with weaksauce on it.
by Robert Parker December 20, 2003

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