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Dubarry sailing shoes; referred to as 'dubes' or 'decks'. Again, a frequently recurring word in Ross O' Carroll-Kelly. Seen as a statement of wealth+goes wth like everything?!
Story mon, like the new dubes?
by Robert O' Connor-Keavney April 07, 2005
D4 version of fuck, v. exclusive. Made popular by Ross O'Carroll- Kelly, a rich mans fuck, some might say....
I live in, like D4? and I basically have, like Fockloads of cash....Oh My God! get away from me you focking skobe these are new dubes!
by Robert O' Connor-Keavney April 07, 2005
Associated with the students from a certain ssuthside school in Dublin which shall not be named(you know who you are!) Basically means: Oh!My!God! that thing you just said/did was SO stupid/random. Also can be used to express disbelief at people/knackers.
Er you pov...get some wealth!!
by Robert O' Connor-Keavney April 07, 2005

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