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3 definitions by Robert Nydam

Taken from cubicle, the small small space (usually smaller than the average prison cell) in which corporations make their employees dwell for 8 to 12 hours a day.
My manager kept walking by my cubicell to make sure I was still at my desk.
by Robert Nydam June 08, 2006
Taken from management, this applies especially to those managers who are just lousy at their jobs, often mangling projects or assignments beyond help.
I received another request from Manglement to fix the TPS reports they screwed up so badly.
by Robert Nydam June 08, 2006
Taken from cubicle, a small grey or beige box smaller than the average prison cell in which corporate America places their staff for extended periods of the day.
The boss made sure we stayed in our cubicells for eight hours or more each day.
by Robert Nydam June 01, 2006