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1) The local tongue of the Panania Swamp Beaver. It is made up of the english langauge primarily, sometime Italian is included, but what differs it from normal English is that each word is said to the One sylable basis, there is now full stops, commas, colons, semi-colons or any other pausing punctuation in the sentance.

(Note: Usually indused by red cordial.)
I-really-like-my-red-cordial-it-makes-me-play-handball-real-good-did-you-see-the-soccer-last-nigh.......10 hrs later......and-then-he-went-home.
by Robert Manganaro March 20, 2004
1) Pointless tasks that teachers of the EHBTH School give their students in the hope that their teaching skills (or lack thereof) are avoided from being pointed out.
2) A teacher cover-up word, which really means Ass Task. Techers of the above mentioned school have regular meetings concerning Ass tasks, the most common teacher present being Mr Sprod (see Sprod) and Ms Dabaja (See Dabaja).
I'd go to the super about these tasks, but I have too many to do!

Recess has been extened due to an English Faculty Assessment Task meetings
by Robert Manganaro March 20, 2004
The American version of the insult used as a retoric when all other insults have:
a) Been used in the last sentance
b) Escaped your mind
c) Can't be used because your mummy won't let you sy them.
*&^% you you muther (*^%er. I'll beat your shit ass into a ^%$&er pie

Your MUM.
by Robert Manganaro March 16, 2004
The facts of this war have been handed down from generation to generation, and now must be told. Long before the infamous Manganaro lived, before Australia became popular for its Olympics, there was a War in the western Suburbs of Sydney. Here a conlict started as to who owned the entitlments to the Area Bum. The Allies (Yobos, Albino Aboriginals, Drunks, bar Flies, The Communist Party and Booze Hounds) gave the ultimatum that if the Axis (The Beavaria State, Little Lebannon, Australian Soccer Fed.,EHBTH Staff, Mintonians, The Nazi Party and The Labour Party) to leave the area known as Campletown. They did not. Thus the actions after that would form the War of the West. Weapons of Monitor Destruction (See WOMD) were deployed, beer cans thrown aplenty, and blood and alcohol spilt everywhere. After significant death the area was divided into two sections: One for the Allies, and one for the Axies. Soon, the Beavarian populus was realised by all to be the scum of the world and sent to the south wes suburb of Panania, where it set up state. The War was never spoken of again, until now.
The Unwritten War of The West has now been written!
by Robert Manganaro March 20, 2004
In conjunction with the above, it hould be noted that he has many a sexual experiences with R. Managnaro (see manganaro, go mango). These have been recounted to people as enjoyable and numerous, and thus still continue with the Pananian population of Beavers today.
" Mango is a Sprod-bitch "
" Man, Sprod must have been around because his ass is as red as sunburn! "
by Robert Manganaro March 18, 2004
Something George Bush RIGHTFULLY disallowed in favour of attacking Iraq, which was the right thing to do.
" Those bums complaining about the war would shut up if I gave them a tax cut "
by Robert Manganaro March 16, 2004

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