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A genre of gamers with no skill; can also define a person who falls in this category.
I'm tired of fuckin' playing with all these nubkin.

This guy is such a nubkin.
by Robert M. Hines November 17, 2004
1.) Often used to define the game Counter-Strike by people who don't like it.
2.) Gay; Homosexual. Not straight.
God, why do you fucktards always want to play Counter-Straight. Let's play some Day of Defeat.
by Robert M. Hines November 17, 2004
A different spelling of the word "boom." Commonly used in Counter-strike and other online games to describe an explosion.
(>^-^)>Epsilon: Shit! Did he buy a defusal kit?

Mr.Bojangles: 3
Mr.Bojangles: 2
Mr.Bojangles: 1
Mr.Bojangles: BUME
by Robert M. Hines November 17, 2004

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