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When your hair looks absolutely terrible and you can't do anything about it. Anything you do to it just makes it look worse.
Can be exaggerated to make even worse by adding on another number higher than ten.
This phrase was inspired by year 11s from Leventhorpe school.
"Oh my god i've got such bad hair ten today"
by Robert Lewis March 18, 2005
Not only an insult which can be hilarious if used in the right context, but also another way of saying "shut up" used perfectly by Lawrence Whale.
"You look stupid today"
"Yeah your mum"
"No really you do"
"Shut your mum!"
by Robert Lewis March 18, 2005
An alternative (far more inventive name) for semen...it is of course labelled this as it is a man's produce, the produce of love.
I dont know what your complaining about, its your produce.
I love the taste of produce, mm mmmm.
by Robert Lewis March 15, 2005
When someone ejaculates up someone else's ass, then waits for that person to take a shit, waits for them to get a turtlehead (bit of shit hanging out their ass) then proceeds to lick the come off the shit.
"I really fancy licking your turtle"
"I dont know how to do it"
"on't worry with me you'll be just fine....no bend over..."
by Robert Lewis March 11, 2005
A really clever chicken
Man that is one academic chicken!!
by Robert Lewis March 15, 2005
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