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A shrewsburyism used in place of cannot or can't
Rob: Hey jo have you got a pen?

Jo: I canna find one
by Robert Leigh Adams December 01, 2006
A shrewsburyism used in place of Do Not or Don't
Rob: Hey Jo wanna come to the pub?

Jo: Nah I dunna wanna
by Robert Leigh Adams December 01, 2006
Shrewsburyism's are Crazy words used by people from shrewsbury, in place of normal english. See dunna, tinna and mon
Jo: Alright mon?

Rob: Hi, are you coming out today?

Jo: It tinna very nice outside, I dunna wanna come out!

Rob: Hell jo you are full of shrewsburyism's
by Robert Leigh Adams December 01, 2006
Something said by somebody who pretends not to know. This cames from one of many shrewsburyisms.
Rob: Yeah i know I how it works, i dont need the extra training!

Jo: Yeah I know but crack on daft you get paid for the training.
by Robert Leigh Adams December 01, 2006
A Benidorm Breakfast is a way to describe what party goers generally eat/drink the morning after the night before.

Benidorm is the usual haunt for English beer monsters to relax and unwind, and normally drink from 9am - 9pm

A Benidorm Breakfast generally consists of the following:

Warm flat beer that has been left over night or in fact cold beer that was liberated from the fridge.

Cold Pizza, Chinese, Indian meal or more commonly in the UK Kebab.

This phrase is used the world over but is more commonly used in Shrewsbury and can be considered a Shrewsburyism
Rob: Hey Jo we better clear these empty bottles and pizza boxes away.

Jo: Whats the hurry?

Rob: My parents are coming over and I dont want them thinking we've just had a Benidorm Breakfast
by Robert Leigh Adams October 12, 2007
Is one of the greatest D&B DJ in the UK, the name was made by putting 2 random words together, they were: MELODy and VisonIZE
Shit dude melodize is a great dj.
by Robert Leigh Adams November 30, 2006
A shrewsburyism used in place of It Isn't.
Rob: Whats the weather like?

Jo: Ahh it tinna very nice.
by Robert Leigh Adams December 01, 2006

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