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When a Girl has Nipples so HUGE they look like tiny cocks. Thus the name Cocks4Tits
Bob "what the fuck happened to your eye?"

Jim "Jackie poked me with her gynormous nipples, man I swear they are like little cocks"

Bob "so she has cocks4tits?"

by Robert Giorgi February 08, 2008
Emosexual is a man who is heterosexual, but listens to, stereotypically homosexual/Feminine music. The man does not necessarily have to be Metrosexual to be Emosexual, and vice-Versa
Jake: So what do you think of Maria Carey?
Rob: What, as a chick or as an artist, I mean shes hot...
Jake: As an artist, I really like her
Rob: Man, you are so emosexual
by Robert Giorgi May 10, 2008

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