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2 definitions by Robert Gildberg

Occurs when you feel an intense urge to take a crap and as usual, you are very excited to squeeze out a few good steam logs. The excitement comes to a devastating end when you sit down and release one huge fart that echoes vigorously in the toilet. What you thought would be a satisfying solid turned out to be nothing but gas. The brown upset usually ends with one sitting on the toilet with their head in their hands, very upset.
I called out of work because I had a brown upset
by Robert Gildberg July 08, 2010
The study of poop (feces) and flatulence. Feconomics is an edgy, up-and-coming field of study which aims to better understand the feconomy and all of its wonderful glory.
I wish I could make it to your party Connell, but I have feconomics class tonight.
by Robert Gildberg July 08, 2010