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3 definitions by Robert Geary

meaning very good, a rating. 2 thumbs up + penis as third thumb
she's 3 thumbs up, the dinner was 3 thumbs up, the movie was three thumbs up
by Robert Geary July 18, 2006
by yourself masterbate
"hey did you get any action this week?" " no, hans solo" weekend"
by Robert Geary July 18, 2006
Rhyming Slang - An expression which rhymes with a word and then using that expression instead of the (in my case) word/s.
"Mississippi Queen!" instead of saying "know what I mean".

"She's trouble, Mississippi Queen!"

" It'll happen when it happens, Mississippi Queen!"

And you have to sing it like Fogerty would.
by Robert Geary June 28, 2010