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A shifty, shady caracterof unknown origin, with an unsettling look about them. This person is quite interesting looking with a combo of being dissheveled, gnarled, and radical in a wierd sort of drifter kind of way. The kind of man that would bite a snake.
I saw a crazy snakebiter outside cumbies, he threw pee at me.
#crazy bastard #shifty bum #unsettling hobo #methed out truck driver #man who lives in an old shoe
by Robert Freedom May 14, 2006
An insult similar to douchebag, insinuating a douchee cooch.
You are too sorry and tired to go out? You're a god damned dirty douchecoo!
#douchebag #douchee #bitch face #dirty gine #smelly pus
by Robert Freedom May 14, 2006
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