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AKA Faucon Bleu
1. A diamond in the ruff
2. A little strip club in the Great White North that happens to be the best place on Earth
Rob: What are we doing tonight guys?
Jed: Going to the bars?
Morgan: Nah too expensive.
Dave: And too many dudes.
All: Looks like we're going back to Falcon Blue!!!
by Robert Eh from South Canadia February 24, 2005
1. How white non-hispanic Miami natives refer to the clean shaven hair style they wear to convey their badass atitude.
"Security always gives me trouble cuz I rock a bald head, got gold chains and guns on my sunglasses"
by Robert Eh from South Canadia March 21, 2005
1. A group of horny guys who had a beach house on the Jersey Shore that would pounce on any girl who walked in the door no matter who she was with.
2. Similar to how wolves feed in the wild.
At the club:
Rob: "You meet any girls tonight?"
Jed: "Yea I gonna bring them back to the house and try to get laid."
Rob: "I wouldn't do that, you know that the wolf pack is out in full force."
by Robert Eh from South Canadia March 21, 2005

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