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A kickarse European country, joint third best in Europe along with Germany, after Holland (for its unlimited freedoms) and Sweden (for its unrivalled equality). The shining hope for Europe and all those who wish to stand against American dominance. Every French (and German as a matter of fact) person should be whole-heartedly proud of their country and their brave leader who's got balls bigger than the Incredible Hulk. This coming from a Brit, who is thoroughly ashamed of his country and its horrifically stupid leader.
Typical American conservative: Why didn't France join in our war on Iraq?
Liberal (of any nationality): Because it was illegal, immoral, unjust, unprovoked, based on lies and false information, globally unpopular and done just for money and oil.
Typical American conservative: No! no! America kicks ass! The French are pussies!
Liberal: (sighs) Why do I even bother?
by Robert Bavister November 11, 2004
A silly war that broke out between UK/Canada and the USA that resulted in nothing good in which both sides lost a lot of men and gained nothing for it.
Now used as a stupid excuse for superpatriots from both CUNTries to slag each other off.
The was had significant victories and losses for both sides.
For example:
The Yanks captured Toronto
The Brits captured Detroit

The Yanks burnt Toronto
The Brits burnt Washington DC

The Brits failed to capture Baltimore
The Yanks failed to capture Montreal

The Brits were basly defeated at New Orleans
The Yanks were badly defeated at Queenston heights
Think I've made my point clear.
The War of 1812 was a draw, the Americans didn't win and neither did the British.
But of course with pricks such as JB and Kung-Fu Jesus using this dictionary the phrase is going to be nothing more than an exucse for Brits and Americans to horribly bash each other
by Robert Bavister August 02, 2004
A kick-arse video game series (albeit with corny dialogue that's gradually geting less corny each time round), a series of bloody good books by S.D. Perry and two better than average films.
I don't care what anybody else says I think Resident Evil is much better than Tomb Raider.

Jill: Barry!
Barry: What is it?
Jill: Watch out, it's a monster!
Barry: Let me take care of this!

That part always cracks me up
by Robert Bavister July 16, 2005
New Wave Of American Heavy Metal. The current scene of true (and quite brutal) heavy metal from the States. Takes its cue from the New Wave Of Britsh Heavy Metal before it, which mixed traditonal British metal with some UK punk rock influences, the NWOAHM mixes the US thrash scene such as Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth) and mixes it with the NYC hardcore scene (like Black Flag or The Dillinger Escape Plan) in order to create a truly kick arse and brutally heavy sound. Proof that metal still kicks arse and is still advancing.
Good examples are Chimaira, Hatebreed, God Forbid and Killswitch Engage to name but a few. The bands are so well heavy, Chimaira easily top Slayer (including Reign In Blood) and they're not even the heaviest in the genre. Rock on!!!!
by Robert Bavister November 10, 2004

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