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People place used household items, clothes, etc. in their yard and offer them for sale. Usually held on a week end, a "yard sale" often involves one, or a few families who pool their unwanted items to sell, often very cheaply.

Parallel term: "Yard saliing." To drive about from yard sale to yard sale.
I bought this sweater at a yard sale for a dollar and a half.

The Jones family are having their yard sale next week/
by Robert Allen August 29, 2003
A term from the Cold War: Because the Soviet Union and the US could destroy each other peace was maintained by theis "mutually assured destruction."
We have enough bombs to maintain mutually assured destruction
by Robert Allen August 29, 2003
1. Literally, "naughty party".
2. A title given to one man and one man alone, meaning "Infinitely Awesome".
"Wow, this kegger got narty real fast!"
"Damn, I wish I was as cool as Narty."
by Robert Allen June 21, 2005
An incompetent actor who over plays and is incapable of subtility. An over-actor
Joe was a dreadful ham in last week's play
by Robert Allen August 29, 2003
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