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A really hot actress with the most annoying voice in the world. I mean so bad it would make you go limp during sex even with a viagara-on.

Glad to hear about the beating the cancer thing though...
Oh yeah! Baby your so hot! OMG! (Thinking:Im having sex with Fran drescher!) (Me)
(moan) (Her)
How you want it? Like that? Tell me? (Me)
Weeeellllllll... (Her)
Umm.... I have to go.. No everything is fine.. Really.. Bye (Me)
by Robert A September 18, 2005
Another great euphanism for shit. You can't really have too many of these can you. This can be used in either a constipated or a gay context, so it's quite flexible. Shit is one of my favorite words, so I made up a couple like this gem here. Enjoy!!
Man there a gay couple, so they always have to work around the San Fran Roadblock before having sex.


I'm so constipated I feel like I got my shit packed like a San Fran Roadblock!
by Robert A September 18, 2005

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