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2 definitions by Robert 'Bob' Weiss aka doctorhugo

Adjective - meaning...to take a transient; temporary position or point of view and always with an ulterior motivation.
When it came to licensing of illegals in New York Hillary Clinton assumed her usual hillararian posture and it backfired on her.
by Robert 'Bob' Weiss aka doctorhugo February 19, 2008
The designation of the American political party formerly known as the Democratic Party and then called the "loyal opposition". Also a noun used to define entities (homo sapien of questionable origin) of that ilk.
It was back in the white guilt ridden '60s "civil rights" era that the Democratic Party, dedicated to rewiting traditional America into the Not So Great Society of Grandpa Lyndon, allowed itself to be taken over by leftist, America-hating anarchists and morphed into the demonRATic party.
by Robert 'Bob' Weiss aka doctorhugo October 07, 2007