169 definitions by Robert

someone nice and crasy and cute that is to fightery my love
a soseh will come in ur life and swipe u off ur feet
by Robert October 10, 2004
pasty film that collects around the corners of the mouth.
Clean your mouth. You have guzzovaglia!
by Robert July 22, 2003
a tasty looking female
some of the ladies in our building are foxes, there arent many but there are a couple, no names mentioned ;)
by robert January 20, 2004
Something is legitimate. That something is respectable. Statements made by Robert at Texas Tech.

See I respect that
Free food that's legit!
by Robert April 23, 2005
chinese people. mostly asses.
omg u r teh gil sellar lol. OMFG step teh gilz sell.
by robert February 20, 2005
Slang for a person of African American Descent.
Greeting: What up Racchi!
by Robert November 21, 2004
Famous word used by homsar, turned into popular website.
Did you visit JengaJam lately?
by Robert September 26, 2004

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