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169 definitions by Robert

a tasty looking female
some of the ladies in our building are foxes, there arent many but there are a couple, no names mentioned ;)
by robert January 20, 2004
if something is mad, bad or just plain wrong, it can be described as "on crack", or, for added emphasis, "so on crack".
george bush is so on crack.
by robert June 16, 2003
Something is legitimate. That something is respectable. Statements made by Robert at Texas Tech.

See I respect that
Free food that's legit!
by Robert April 23, 2005
chinese people. mostly asses.
omg u r teh gil sellar lol. OMFG step teh gilz sell.
by robert February 20, 2005
Slang for a person of African American Descent.
Greeting: What up Racchi!
by Robert November 21, 2004
Famous word used by homsar, turned into popular website.
Did you visit JengaJam lately?
by Robert September 26, 2004
When you take a girls underwear drawer and throw all her panties around the room, thus looking like a war has taken place.
That fucking cock had panty wars in my room my underwear is all over the damn place.
by Robert October 02, 2003