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Fan of PS2 or Gamecube
That dude is a hiawa.
by Robert July 10, 2004
A fart that results in
the unexpected release pinch a loaf of fecal matter into your clothing, bed, or whatever.
Damn that sucks, I just blew a loaf into your clean sheets honey.

God damn it, that fart stinks! Are you sure you didn't blow a loaf in your cube?
by Robert November 24, 2003
Another word for fart;
Sick! Did you boofa?
by Robert March 19, 2005
an extreme version of "LOL" used in instant messaging.
LOL!!!!! that's funny stuff! busting up!!!
by Robert January 11, 2005
Child pidgin (American English) A pejorative term used my my 3 year old toddler daughter to express disgust or dislike of a particular situation and/or person.
Apparently related to the classical bogeyman.
Mommy (or daddy, it varies) is a brig brog!
by robert September 25, 2004
pasty film that collects around the corners of the mouth.
Clean your mouth. You have guzzovaglia!
by Robert July 22, 2003
if something is mad, bad or just plain wrong, it can be described as "on crack", or, for added emphasis, "so on crack".
george bush is so on crack.
by robert June 16, 2003

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