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Mitt is when female pubic hair is growing out of control.
I was going to go down on Sally, but her Mitt was out of control, I could not see what I would have been licking. Not Good!

Look at the bulge in Penelope's bikini. She must have a Mitt!

Man, she had a 70's Mitt!, She has to shave that shit!
by Robert June 14, 2006
When the calf meets the ankle and there is no prescence of an achilles tendon. Mostley seen in fat or obese people.
"Did you see the kancles on that woman?"
by Robert March 13, 2005
Forget about it. Many meanings including "Forget about it", "It was no big deal" and "I concur".
Thanks, I owe you one.

Did you see the tits on that broad?
by Robert November 13, 2003
an awsome band
by robert August 29, 2003
Someone who always asks for your age/sex/location, even if you are taking the mickey out of the prat.
user1:I hate all of you
user1:leave me alone intenet perv
a/s/ler:ASL BITCH!
by Robert July 11, 2004
the aura or general area surrounding Robby Stambler
c'mon bitch be cool, your in the stambler zone...
by Robert May 24, 2004
Background: Coming from the fact that a pig is generally happier in it's own environment - it's own faeces (Makes tastier and tenderer Bacon and Sausages...)
Def: Where one person is extremely happy in the environment they find themselves in
Parachuting into the Playboy hot-tub and finding that their Sun-tan lotion boy is off for the day and they need a new one to oil them up... Expression comes into play when the job is at least 5 mins underway...
by Robert May 16, 2004

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