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World-famous, patented prostate massager capable of delivering the most intense, ecstatic orgasm known to man.
by robert September 30, 2003
A person who works too hard, even when they are meant to be on vacation.
Elizabeth Owens
by Robert January 18, 2004
Neo Classical/Instrumental composer born in Kalamata, Greece who is a self taught musician. Through pure talent, emotion and imagination he has composed some of the most beautiful music. His keyboarding and piano skills are unmatched.
Did you see Yanni live at the Acropolis? It was amazing.
by robert June 01, 2004
Sorrow. Sorrow would be the feeling I feel seethe its way within my soul every moment, every day, ever year. The feeling I get when I think that I may have actually found the love of my life, the one person to cast my doubts and fears aside. 'Tis also the feeling that has remained pent-up within me for so long, other words used to describe it. Loneliness, forlorn, solitude, it all means one thing... empty on the inside, void of all feeling and deprived of compassion and love. A feeling that I fear will soon consume me entirely, and I know not how it will end... but I do know one thing, I know that it WILL end. I shall see to it... personally.
"Have you ever had the feeling nobody really gives a shit that you're alive? Some may also think you're just a waste of Gods time, and wish you would just... not exist anymore."
by Robert April 23, 2005
You guys, You people, meaning more than one
Hey Yinz guys gonna go to the football game?
by robert November 03, 2003
Derived from the old English ye and all. Originally used in colonial America. Now often used to represent you all.
What are y'all up to.
by Robert March 30, 2004
Lets see then . . . well grungers are teenagers (normally boys but there are girl grungers too) that mainly listen to: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Hard Metal, Love Metal, New Wave Of British Metal a.k.a NWOBM (eg: iron maiden), Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock.

Grungers wear: baggy jeans (normally cost £40), long t - shirts with a band name on it, hoodies with band name on it, skateboarding shoes or boots, chains.

Many people have made the mistake that grungers skateboard. Well this is wrong, a skater is someone that skateboards and generally listens to Punk music and other bands like Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Grungers don’t have to skate (I don’t) but can do if they wish.

A grunger doesn't get into fights but only resorts to violence as a last resort.

A grunger's most hated enemy is a townie; townies are scumbags that wear disgusting (unisex) tight clothing, listen to garage music and speak in an untranslatable language.

General Info:
Grungers normally get their clothes from Camden Market.

Most Grungers get a kick out of extreme gore!

A grunger’s favourite colour is normally black.

Most grungers scar old people (not intentionally) lol.

Grungers have long hair.

Grungers don't care what others think, as long as they're happy with what they wear, listen too and do in life, then a grunger is on top of the world :)

current artists in my "listening to" pile: marilyn manson, white zombie, HIM, cradle of filth, rob zombie, slipknot, iron maiden.
by Robert June 26, 2004
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