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Anal intercourse. Comes from the sound Chewbacca makes being associated with the pain of anal intercourse.
I love starwars!

Are you going to the Star Wars premiere? Not untill I get some star wars.
by Robert April 06, 2005
1. Someone who, in the MMOFPS PlanetSide, breaks out the anti-aircraft weapons and takes control of the skies.
2. Me when playing PlanetSide :D

P.S. I made it up! w00t!
1. 1337G4M3R: d00d that sky nazi just blew up my fcuking liberator!
2. When in my AA MAX, I'm a total sky nazi.
by Robert July 20, 2004
giving a hypocrital appearance of piety
if i was sanctimonious, i would probably give lectures about the 10 commandments, then go rob banks.
by Robert June 21, 2004

stammer fra altas undergrunn.
jeg fikk 7 laken igjen på skatten
by robert June 02, 2004
it is a element in the piriotic table
i put sodium on my fries
by robert December 07, 2003
The nurses at the hospital after you have a baby that try to get you to breast feed all the time and always tell you that you are doing it wrong.
Mellisa is a boob nazi
by robert April 23, 2004
indian kid who gets pantsed as school dances and listens to taproot and red hot chili peppers way too much-very hairy
"that kunal is really hairy"
by robert February 24, 2005
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