168 definitions by Robert

seth mermelstein or another loser of the same status
So, wrench, how's your crappy life?
by Robert January 24, 2005
The act of a male or female rubbing his or her face violently in a dancer's clevage.
Dude a got the 3rd best "Milano" of my life last week!
by Robert May 18, 2003
A blow or punch. A hit. Being embarassed or shown up.
Oh man, I just tunked him in the face.
You got tunked when his girl slapped you.
by robert January 15, 2004
short for graffiti...graffiti is coo
there way better graff here in Los angeles that there is in NYC and the whole weak east coast hahaha WEASTCOAST BITCHES 4life..
by robert February 14, 2005
The best band in the world.
Man, Entaro is so badass. They're like, the best band in the world
by Robert February 05, 2004
A looking male
Amanda dat dude is some slim.
by Robert November 23, 2003
cool or tyte or dope
did u c the white guy with a tie that sure was fly
by robert March 16, 2005

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