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The best band in the world.
Man, Entaro is so badass. They're like, the best band in the world
by Robert February 05, 2004
having sex for the first time
i did 'the deed'the other day
by robert March 25, 2005
New slang word for a penis. Particularly used in Australia, but is quickly spreading.
1) Suck my bane
2) My bane feels strain
3) You are a banetaker
by Robert December 12, 2003
It's a carmel popcorn and peanut treat. Kind of like cracker-jacks or poppycock.
That's good faddle.
by Robert June 01, 2004
a long slippery rubber that vibrates, which many women feel inclined to stick up their pussies for sexual pleasure.
Damn Katy, after Robert, I don't think even a vibrator will pop me.
by Robert May 14, 2004
a stupid person, or a stuck up individual
sphincter says wut?
by robert March 14, 2004
an abnormally tall and ugly man who can't control the volume or pitch of his voice; has no athletic ability; a native of the Tinka tribe in Western Nigeria; enjoys hunting gazelles and having sex with zebras; will occasionally block a shot or two but come on his arm are fucking 8 feet long
Shagari is probably the worst player in college basketball.

Did you see that kindergartner school Shagari.
by Robert March 26, 2005

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