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169 definitions by Robert

sucking someone's dick; blowjob
Stop Ghallanting my dad!
by robert April 04, 2005
Not Cody Holmes, but Cody Holm, the Prime Minister of the Fourth Reich of the Foosball Table.
He has been out of action recently, probably planning his next holocaust.
Cody: Hey guys, what's up?
*crowd at foosball table hisses*
Me: Asshole!
by Robert January 23, 2005
slang- negro, blacks, derogatory term.
Look at that crazy Roo Roo buyin that 40 oz.
by robert December 27, 2003
To take something unjustly, to snatch or steal
Someone totally bogarted the last piece of pizza. I had been saving it for myself.
by Robert August 26, 2003
A very fashionable store that sells like really nice cloths. Often critisized by poor ass bums who can not afford it or by people who decided they do not like it because their poor ass bum friend cannot afford it. Abercrombies store employes are also said to be all white and all of the people on the posters are said to be all white but that is not always true and the company must appeal to the people who buy it and more than 99.99% of them are white so everyone who has something to say about the store should like totally shut the fuck up.
A&F Person 1: OMG i Went to abercrombie and fitch and bought some really nice jeans a polo a jacket and flip flops for only $300!
A%F Person 2: That is like so cheap were they on clearance!
A&F Person 1: No I think there was a mistake when they charged me maybe I was only charged for one flip flop only!
A&F Person 2: But that is like really cheap for a flip flop. I paid about $1000 for a flip flop at some other store.
A&F Person 1:What were we talking about?
by Robert April 09, 2005
Somebody who looks at a person as a whole, mind,body and soul, they take it all into account, they treat the person rather than the symptoms and use natural remedies rather than drugs! They use all of Gods 8 natural remedies, they strive towards prevention of health problems rather than cure, they also look at the underlying cause for e.g. Lack of trust in God, and they work on how to achieve happiness and health in a persons life.
1. Trust in God and a postive mental attitude
4.Proper nutrition-NOT junk foods but a balanced diet
5.Light and sunshine
7.Rest and relaxation
8.Temperance (Self-control, habits, addictions etc)
by Robert May 09, 2004
a baggy stuffed with chronic
u got them turtles
meaning if u have any baggies of marijuana 5/10/or 20"s
by robert March 19, 2005