168 definitions by Robert

Famous word used by homsar, turned into popular website.
Did you visit JengaJam lately?
by Robert September 26, 2004
a guy or girl that is fuckin huge, and seems u can never get around them
a fat fuck
by Robert February 26, 2003
means to smoke marijuana/or a ciggarett
1.lets go chikity choke
2.u chikity choking
by robert March 19, 2005
Sleepy Steve is when you find a sleeping friend, and squat down on the pillow next to his face and lay a big turd. You then proceed to stick your finger in it and write you initials on his forehead. Then you squat down on their face, well spearding your asscrack, and put then tip of their nose into it so their nose is covered with shit. Then if they still aren't awake, you have the right to japanese donkey punch them.
Before Andrew went to bed Robert told him to watch out for a Sleepy Steve... he wasnt kidding...
by Robert October 06, 2004
A big pair of titties rubbing together
i like toughing those boosums in action
by robert November 12, 2003
The degree to which something is true or correct.
"Far as that goes, I think we should compare the validility of the data verse what the user says."
by Robert October 24, 2003
means ten dollars or ten dollars worth of weed
hey let me get a sourbuck meaning a baggie full of marijuana that is worth $10
u got change for a sourbuck/change for ten dollars
by robert March 19, 2005

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