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13 definitions by Robert Vincent Piccirillo

Physically Aryan according to Nazi German standards, these non-Jewish Caucasian American male imbeciles are easily excited and/or stupefied with alcoholic liquor and epitomize the archetypal unscrupulous salesman.

Frequently, these boozehounds, infatuated by speed through cars, boats, money and loose underage women, tend to become habitual driving offenders at relatively young ages and suffer from bouts of driver’s license suspension throughout their lifetimes.

Every now and again, by masquerading as competent businessmen, these types successfully lure ambitious, unsuspecting college graduates into unorganized incorporated partnerships ending in pecuniary loss.
“Looped and loaded, realizing his commercial dealings had failed, the stupid Coletti, inept businessman extraordinaire, decided to flee the country with aspirations of setting up a hedge fund in Costa Rica, only to have his ambitions thwarted, pulled over for speeding on the way to the airport.”
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo December 01, 2006
A person commonly characterized by acute sycophantic hyper-ambition coupled with unscrupulous sociopathic behavior, above average intelligence, and an uncanny harboring of fundamental Italian nationalistic ideologies.

These types are most notable for their absurd caricature tattoos, superior grasp of the English language, and incessant use of the expression “scumbag.”
Judging by the gentleman’s unremitting exploitation of the idiom “You are a scumbag” and his borderline creepy belief in Italian superiority, one can deduce that this gentleman is being a tremendous rob the wop.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 09, 2006
An adopted person of Latin origin, (usually Colombian), who is raised Anglo-American, (most notably Italian-Irish), and subsequently develops absolutely no understanding of any languages widely associated with Latin people, i.e. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc, but instead develops a thick, baritone Boston accent, which spawns from years of adolescent life in Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

Although genuinely loyal, ethical, and generous amongst family, friends, and business cronies, these types are ingenuously miserly, scheming, and treacherous amongst enemies, competition, and those not of relation; furthermore, excelling in careers that value an unscrupulous nature, such as law, politics, or salesmanship.

Commonly trapped into loveless relationships involving a stupid dog and a house in Lutz, morgies are often mistaken as thugs, ruffians, or gangsters due to their deep, distinct, insidious laughs, chronic blunt smoking, and wardrobe, consisting entirely of Boston Red sox hats and polo shirts worn un-tucked above a pair of slacks and Italian leather shoes.
Half-stoned, sporting a brand-new polo shirt, un-tucked, with matching blue Bo-Sox cap, slacks and Italian leather shoes, the confident salesman inadvertently pulled a morgy, sharply turning his motives from closing the deal to one of vengeful retaliation, generated from a question his client asked of him in a foreign tongue “¿Es usted un gángster?”
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 03, 2007

A hyper-ambitious sycophantic person commonly characterized by acute unscrupulous sociopathic behavior, largely considered a complement within certain circles of wops.
Everyone knew, throughout the land, that he was truely a scumbag harboring such Machiavellian principles.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 10, 2006
An irritable undersized adult American male with a napoleon complex and a conservative republican disposition, these individuals are commonly born in the Midwest, bred in the southeast, and characterized by their borderline-saintly devout Catholic Italian mothers, despicable, socially inept siblings, one or more weird misshaped little fingers, and a preternatural infatuation with female sodomy.

More times than not, these personalities will end up working for the family business due to a substandard education from a third-rate institution of higher learning, frequently earning insignificant bachelor degrees in majors such as Basket Weaving, Liberal Studies, or Interdisciplinary Social Science.

Furthermore, this category of person will regularly accumulate numerous aliases, one of which being “tripod,” stemming from the embodiment of two stubby legs and a largely disproportionate lower extremity. Due to this anomaly, wackies tend to marry up, literally as well as figuratively, habitually attracting taller, younger, better looking female counterparts.

One surefire way of differentiating between a regular, run of the mill, stunted human being, and a wacky, is by observing his relentless use of the idiom “tongue the balls”.

All of us knew full well that the pintsized ill-tempered republican pundit was being a gigantic wacky. We could see his tiny crooked pinky. We could sense his peewee frustrations. We could smell the resentment, which emanates from a person of inferior educational status and a shoddy FSU diploma. Plus, one of the females of the group, a much taller, younger, better looking corresponding person than he, touched his member, affirming what we had all known to be certain: this was indeed a wacky and he was most definitely being a tripod bastard.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo November 15, 2006
A person of such tremendous social influence they are able to set into motion the rippling effects of social and economic change directly through indirect means.

Commonly, these types employ their power through Machiavellian tactics and are regularly characterized by acute sociopathic tendencies.

Some examples of these types:
Political leaders -
Mafia Dons
Civil Servants
Prime Ministers
EU Commissioners
Members of International Banking Families -
CEOs, Directors, Chairmen, and Majority Shareholders of Major Corporations -
Dave Rothschild is a Rainmaker.
by Robert Vincent Piccirillo December 26, 2006