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An igloo which is constructed solely of feces.
(1)Primarily a figurative device, designed to describe the creation of a shitty situation which one must inevitably confront.
(2) Any actual dwelling composed purely of feces.

1. Well, I made the shigloo, and now I've got to sleep in it.
2. Thank goodness for that elephant's giant BM, now we're well on our way to having our very own shigloo.
by Robert Goodwin October 28, 2007
laughing on the outside, crying on the inside
An acronym designed for when either: 1- Something is superficially very amusing but actually quite depressing; or 2- Someone finds something which would ordinarily be quite tragic to be unreasonably amusing and wants to give the impression that they aren't totally soulless.
1. Jack: Well I would've rogered your mum, but I didn't want to get aids!
Jill: Damn,... lotocoti... (Jill actually has AIDS)

2. Jill: So last weekend I was skydiving with my bff Jan, and her chute didn't open!

Jack: ROFL... err my bad, lotocoti!
by Robert Goodwin September 08, 2009

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