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30 definitions by Robert Akins

n. A word that enhances the beauty of fluffy-good pancakes much more than actually saying 'pancakes'.
I loves me some pamcakes. Garcong! Pamcakes!
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
Created after a long night of heavy drinking, to put it simply; The Omegabet is the prodigal successor of the Alphabet. It is the sequel.

The Omegabet will be introduced sometime in the distant future - near the last days of the huamn race. However, the theory itself is sound and supported by both the Quantum Singularity and EPR Paradox theories.

To draw an analogy: The original alphabet, composed of the letters A through Z, run in a straight line. A as the starting point, Z as the end. There is nothing beyond that. (Symbols such as apostrophes do not factor into this.)

The Omegabet, however, is the proverbial Z-axis to the Y and X axis that is the Alphabet. Instead of a line, it is a perfect, two dimensional circle - with a singular brancing line coming from its side. The line is, per se, the 'unknown'. The 'unknown' is what makes the Omegabet the Omegabet. The Omegabet does not use letters, but rather, srettelletters (letters in reverseforward, a word humans cannot yet pronounce) and the last of these - the omega that completes the omegabet, can be anything. A duck. A tree. Individually toed socks. It can be anything. This letter is codenamed Epsillon 5. It's been titled that because it doesn't make sense - along with Epsillon 5. (Epsillon is considered the 'worst' verson of a prototype, while Alpha is the 'best'. Epsillon 5 would mean it's the 5th of the worst, which probably isn't grammatically correct in any way.)

Epsillon 5 works via the EPR Paradox - where information is transferred between atoms, and thus, has nothing to interact with it to constrain it from doing -anything-.
None as of this point in time. It's not possible on an American keyboard.
by Robert Akins June 24, 2004
n. A young girl with issues who has intermitten bouts of rage. In the case of someone who is 'angry candy', these moments are ironic and sad, because the girl is so small she can't actually damage anything other than herself.
"Relax, angry candy. It'll all be over soon, so put down the pillow and take a moment of chill, kay?"
by Robert Akins March 16, 2006
n. A bombardment of media by the news on a subject that, realistically, isn't that important. Cindy Sheehan, Paris Hilton, and Gus Van Sant would not exist to you if flak riot did not exist.
I didn't care much for the first two, but the flak riot on GTA San Andreas' hidden porn hack almost makes it worth purchasing...
by Robert Akins August 15, 2005
n. When something goes so terribly wrong that it was actually pretty fun.
Last night was disasterific. We hit a deer on the highway, but it was pretty cool. I was so wasted. - Meredith
by Robert Akins April 13, 2005
A a worldwide, independent defense agency, civilian-run by exactly one-thousand and one agents of varying skills and expertise (detectives, mechanics, assasins, pilots, etc). Lead by the enigmatic Miranda Zero and the supercomputer-of-a-babe and central dispatcher Aleph, they're called into action to clean up all the world-threatening junk that the government run organizations are typically unable to handle.
All the black projects, the mad science, the chilly encounters with the unknown, the Cold War traps... they're all sitting there like landmines. Eventually someone will trip over one of them. Global Frequency are there to catch them when they fall, and defuse the mines before they explode into mainstream consciousness and cause more pain and horror than they already have...

Are you on the Global Frequency?
by Robert Akins June 02, 2004
n. A person who has serious convictions in one side of an arguement versus another, yet refuses to act on them in any way. Or expresses their opinion artistically, passively, and in an unobstrusive manner. Where a political activist would lie on the street in front of a moving tank, begging for the continued, necessary slaughter of the unborn, a political thinkivist would be like Jonathan Swift, and simply write a brochure about it.
"Listening to Bill O'Reilly's radioshow infused her with so much unescapable, indescribable hatred that the only way she could safely express her opinion was via pen to the paper pad. And it felt good to be a thinkivist, oh yes it did."
by Robert Akins December 13, 2005