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4 definitions by Robby J

The Best Death Metal band in bergen county, kick ass drummer with a bad ass hair do.
Dam did u see that death sick show bad fucking ass
by Robby J March 25, 2005
1. One who has an abundance of calices on their hands and leaves behind more friction burns than man spakle residue.
2. A "first-timer" on a blowjob: three words: too much teeth, hence the mangling of the cock.
The main character in "The Old Man and the Sea" is a cock mangler, much like Ryan Barnes.
by Robby J July 02, 2003
1. let's just say, "a cowboy's version of a handjob."
If Ryan Barnes wore a cowboy hat, leather chaps and sported a lasso nestled between his butt cheeks, he would be a cock wrangler.
by Robby J July 02, 2003
1. One with really bad acne, or just a a damn ugly person in general: parallels butter face, but this is more for guys.
Ted Kennedy is a tampon face.
by Robby J July 02, 2003