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2 definitions by RoastR

Scandalized, indignantly offended, stutteringly appalled, sickeningly grossed out, bug-eyed with rage -- you get the idea -- in response to some word, phrase, idea, joke, characterizatiuon, slur, insult, etc. Particularly applies to a woman, woman's group, or women in general. thereby increasing male glee. In fact, guys are delighted by the distinctly feminine tint the term has taken on recently.
"EXCUSE ME?? Did you just call me a (c-word)? I am OUTRAGED!! Help! Police! Somebody arrest that man!"
by RoastR February 16, 2012
An apology by a woman for responding (by action, speech, or words) to some innocent communication with a level of vicious anger far, far beyond any level warranted. Bitch's Remorse usually arrives about a day after the nasty attack, when she has reflected on how utterly undeserved that attack was.
Me -- so I texted Soozie a photo of her new car and she texted me back, "You asshole! You know I don't have a smartphone! Just email it!!"
My pal -- Wow -- that's pretty harsh when all you were trying to do was to be nice.
Me -- yeah, but tomorrow she'll have Bitch's Remorse. She'll text me a "sorry." I might even get laid
by RoastR February 18, 2014