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A genre of music stylized by the influences of American jazz and swing, born out of Jamaica. It underwent three waves, Trad(itional), Two-Tone, and 3rd wave. The guitar is always played on the off beats, or "upstrokes." The bass line is almost always a walking bass line unless the band is more punk influenced (however, ska is what helped bring about punk), and there is a horn line, usually with some swinging stuff. Ska gave birth to many different types of music, such as rocksteady, reggae, punk, rap and hip-hop (it's true).
Reel Big Fish (3rd wave), The Skatalites(trad), the toasters(3rd wave) and the specials(two-tone).
by Roadie August 16, 2004
a band from Las Vegas that has a constantly changing line up, but always with the same trombone, sax, trumpet, guitar, and drummer. A good band, whatsoever.
Frolicaholic has had everyone but Roadie in the band.
by Roadie August 16, 2004
Happening, the joint is jumping, rad, cool, awesome, so on.
Those cats are swinging!
by Roadie August 16, 2004
an angry SOB who will act tough but is, on the inside, an emo kid in denial. Does ridiculous things like round houses and other such things and calls it dancing. hate ska kids because they are happy.
That hardcore kid loves to mess with those ska kids, I can't wait until they make him cry.
by Roadie August 16, 2004
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