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A new gang based in washington heights but has spread over Long island in recent years. They are known to be an extremely violent gang. It is a mostly African American gang but have recently started recruting hispanic males. They are known to violently attack anyone they have a problem with without warning.They are growing at an alarming rate and have been known to open fire on crip gang members.They cross out c's with k's similar to bloods. In 2004 their Leader (Klokes)Was shot outside of his apartment in washington heights. Since then his son has taken over. Street kingZ is a new gang that has established a reputation on the street as "Og's" For they have gained respect from hoods all around NY they are still a somewhat unknown gang.
Damn homie THose street kingz Dudes aint messing around

Yeah dogg They just blasted on some crips

Ever since klokez got shot up theybeen runnin wild
by Road Dogg November 24, 2006

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